Cracked Windshields: Should You Use Your Auto Insurance for Repairs?

At The Insurance Place, we handle hundreds of policy claims about windshields every year. Maybe even thousands. Each of these claims has different elements that make them unique but are united by a variety of elements. Understanding this type of policy can help Rochelle Park, NJ residents know what to do if their glass cracks and whether or not they should use their insurance policy.

Most Policies Cover Glass Damage

Comprehensive auto insurance typically covers windshield damage, unless you contributed to it. For example, if you hit the glass with a rock out of anger, your policy won’t go into effect. Specific coverage options, such as full glass insurance, are also available. These policies are nice because they will cover all of the cost of repair or replacement, rather than the partial payment you’ll get with comprehensive auto insurance.

Should Drivers Use Insurance for This Purpose?

Like with any insurance policy, using your glass repair coverage may affect your policy. For example, excessive auto glass repair claims may cause your provider to decrease your coverage or increase your payments. They do this to protect themselves from a dangerous or unsafe driver who keeps cracking their windshield.

However, that type of policy change doesn’t usually go into effect unless you are severely abusing your policy. Two or three claims shouldn’t be a problem for the life of your vehicle. However, more than that – particularly multiple claims in a year – can be a problem. But one claim every few years isn’t a major deal.

So if you have a crack on your windshield and you have insurance through The Insurance Place, please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about your coverage. We can help Rochelle Park, NJ residents like you fully understand the limits of your claim and will ensure that everything goes smoothly with it.