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Auto Insurance in New Jersey

Although no one thinks of getting into a car accident, most drivers face the risk every day on New Jersey roads. Fortunately, various types of auto insurance are at your disposal to protect you, your vehicle, and your passengers in case of an accident.

The Insurance Place offers the following insurance options in Rochelle Park, NJ.

Liability Coverage

In most US states, auto liability insurance is mandatory. Liability insurance safeguards you from damages and injuries afflicted to others for which you are held responsible legally from a resulting accident.

Collision Insurance

In the event of an accident, your car may be damaged. Collision coverage helps you meet the cost of repairs. In worst scenarios, if your vehicle is beyond repair, the coverage enables you to acquire a replacement up to your limit.

Comprehensive Insurance

Sometimes you need extra coverage. What happens in the event of an accident other than collision? That is where comprehensive coverage becomes beneficial. The policy helps pay for damages to your car as a result of incidents such as vandalism, animals, and bad weather.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists

As you hit the road every day, you may be insured. Sadly, you can't say the same for other motorists. In the event of an accident with an underinsured or uninsured motorist, this policy comes in handy. It helps you meet expenses or damages for accidents caused by some underinsured or uninsured drivers.

Medical Payment Insurance

Medical expenses following an accident can cost you an arm and a leg. Medical payment insurance helps you pay medical expenses in case of a crash irrespective of who is found culpable.

Personal Injury Protection

An accident may result in loss of income and medical bills. With a personal injury protection policy, you're guaranteed of reimbursements up to your limit.

Other auto insurance policies we provide include:

  • Towing and labor
  • Rental reimbursement
  • Gap insurance

If you're looking for auto insurance in Rochelle Park, NJ, call The Insurance Place or visit our New Jersey offices. We can help you get a quote and get you started on a policy.


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