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New Jersey health insurance coverage

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Health Insurance in New Jersey

Health Insurance Overview

Health insurance can be broken into several components: premiums, deductibles, co-pays, and coinsurance. Don't worry if you're a bit confused by all this. The Insurance Place in Rochelle Park, NJ is here to help residents all around the state of New Jersey. Contact or visit us for personalized insurance guidance.


The monthly rate you pay matters. A high rate will give more coverage and allow greater peace of mind, while a lower premium will correlate with greater money left in your pocket every month. We will work with you to ensure that you sign up for a plan that gives comfort and peace of mind but does not break the bank every month.


Sometimes customers will sweep this variable under the rug because it isn't "real" until coverage is needed, which isn't expected to happen often. Low deductibles are attractive when a claim is made. Fewer out-of-pocket expenses is always an enticing deal when health issues come up, and insurance is needed. On the flip side, every health insurer will offer lower premiums and proportionately more money in your pocket if you choose a higher-deductible plan.

Co-pays and Coinsurance

Co-pays, if they are present, reduce monthly cost by requiring a small flat payment that can cover very generous and useful health services. Generally, health insurance offers a percentage of costs as coverage. The remaining small percentage is called coinsurance. Coinsurance is specified in a contract that The Insurance Place will be happy to go over with you. If you live in Rochelle Park, NJ or the surrounding areas of the state, this kind of coverage gives peace of mind and financial security that is hard to beat.

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Insurance decisions aren't easy in New Jersey. Don't worry and take the headache out of all this by calling or visiting our offices. We know health insurance, and you can talk to us with no obligations or complications to get a deal that secures your health and your wallet.


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